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tool kit assembling

Sun Feb 10 15:13:04 UTC 2019


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Aussie Anti-Encryption?

Mon Jan 14 00:34:44 UTC 2019

Not an area of expertise for me, which, now that I think of it, is the point of the blog.

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Population Decline?

Fri Jan 11 20:28:22 UTC 2019

I was intrigued by a headline about a state paying for internet. That's not quite what's happening however. Check the links.

Percent population increase contemplated? 50 / 100 = 0.000080257, or eight-thousandths of one percent?

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Viet Nam Has A Problem With Facebook

Thu Jan 10 17:30:39 UTC 2019

As is often the case, the results of a web search are interesting in their own right. I favor the search engine in the link below, but there's no reason you can't concoct your own search or use your preferred engine.

Meanwhile, looks like Facebook is in trouble with (in?) Viet Nam.

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dev environment upgrades

Wed Jan 9 18:11:36 UTC 2019

Sorry for the interruption. I've spent the past few days upgrading my dev environment, and can now back up my (ahem) vast internet empire to a clean debian 9 install on virtualbox hosted on linuxmint 19. I'm very happy about this, and it's been a long time coming.

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Congo Net Shutdown

Fri Jan 4 2019 (revised)

Congo shuts down internet. Ebola? Elections?

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Netflix & MBS

Fri Jan 4 16:21:19 UTC 2019

My favorite from the headlines invokes the Streisand effect

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Spectrum Tribune Spat

Thu Jan 3 21:00:45 UTC 2019

Lots of folks missing their favorite shows today.

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Must See Movies

Wed Jan 2 19:23:35 UTC 2019

Some amazing films came into the public domain yesterday. Content creators of the world, saddle up! The notion is that studios always had some public domain rabbit they could pull out of a hat to force a settlement, most often to the arguable benefit of the studios. Will these titles change this?

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Tue Jan 1 20:16:39 UTC 2019

SEC understandably wants transparency. bc naturally responds that such is against the nature of crypto-anything. Caveats and disclaimers at the fore, I reckon I'd have to side with the SEC on this one.

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Virtual- crypto- and related "currency" Under Scrutiny

Fri Jul 3 21:16:55 UTC 2015

United States regulators, from the SEC to New York Department of Financial Services are looking closer at bitcoin and related technologies. The rough countours of the issue seem to be consumer protection and market regulation, on the one side, and efficiencies of reduced transaction costs, in the Coasian sense of the term, on the other. In the middle, of course, are the many individuals and establishments already accepting these new forms of payment.

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Cosian transaction costs explained:

Visa Follows Mastercard at Cook County Request

Thu Jul 2 02:22:08 UTC 2015

Visa will join Mastercard in a ban of, on request from Cook County, Illinois, law enforcement. A quick search finds articles suggesting backpage is too permissive with ads which may implicate sex-trade or human-trafficking, and by cutting ties with backpage credit card companies thereby assist, however indirectly, law enforcement efforts to curtail same.

suggested search: visa mastercard backpage cook county

Kimble v Marvel Proposed at BHBA

Thu Jul 2 00:38:08 UTC 2015

I have proposed a panel for the Beverly Hills Bar Association, to discuss the Kimble v Marvel(pdf) case recently decided at the United States Supreme Court. More details as they become available.


Thu Jul 2 00:37:03 UTC 2015

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