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Virtual- crypto- and related "currency" Under Scrutiny

Fri Jul 3 21:16:55 UTC 2015

United States regulators, from the SEC to New York Department of Financial Services are looking closer at bitcoin and related technologies. The rough countours of the issue seem to be consumer protection and market regulation, on the one side, and efficiencies of reduced transaction costs, in the Coasian sense of the term, on the other. In the middle, of course, are the many individuals and establishments already accepting these new forms of payment.

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Cosian transaction costs explained:

Visa Follows Mastercard at Cook County Request

Thu Jul 2 02:22:08 UTC 2015

Visa will join Mastercard in a ban of, on request from Cook County, Illinois, law enforcement. A quick search finds articles suggesting backpage is too permissive with ads which may implicate sex-trade or human-trafficking, and by cutting ties with backpage credit card companies thereby assist, however indirectly, law enforcement efforts to curtail same.

suggested search: visa mastercard backpage cook county

Kimble v Marvel Proposed at BHBA

Thu Jul 2 00:38:08 UTC 2015

I have proposed a panel for the Beverly Hills Bar Association, to discuss the Kimble v Marvel(pdf) case recently decided at the United States Supreme Court. More details as they become available.


Thu Jul 2 00:37:03 UTC 2015

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